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What does your child receive ?
  • A positive environment for poor children to learn.
  • Classes of general education and tutoring.
  • Nutritious meals.
  • A library and lab to learn computer skills.
  • Classes of art, dance and music.
  • Sport activities.
  • Health care.
  • Behavior disciplines, moral values and ethic.
  • Learn how to give back through serving their community.




Trip's description:

  • Organize Vacation Bible School for children, men and women.
  • Provide leadership and church management training to the local leaders.
  • Teach the laity about church ministries and discipleship.
  • Participate in some local evangelism.
  • Worship with local people and visit a few churches.
  • Do light construction on an existed church building and children's school.
  • Swim in a beautiful warm ocean, eat delicious seafood and visit War museum, ANKOWAT, etc.
  • The entire package is about $2,500/per person from the West Coast and $2,700/per person from the East Coast (this price could change depending on the airfare in July.


Please contact World Agape office through
          Phone: (626) 447-9300


Number of children were sponsored:
Vietnam:     9
Cambodia:  60
Laos:          0
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